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The OG Box

Updated: Feb 7

Check it out! The original box of Bankabox. This was back in 2013. There was a local CrossFit gym opening its doors and I sold them their first boxes. Now I'm a member of that gym and still using those boxes today!

You might be wondering what a fitness box has to do with hoodies & hats. Well when I started CrossFit I became very interested in all the different gyms making their own apparel. I wanted to do that too (minus the gym owner part). So I started paying close attention to tags, labels, what I liked wearing and what I always reached for to wear. And I started investigating how I could make what I wanted which eventually led me here. Now I realize that doesn't answer the box question. So here you go. I knew I wanted to be in the gym space somehow. And at the time I didn't have access to t-shirts but I did to lumber :) So there you have it. Bankabox was born!

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